Our Story


Rana Al-Hendi

          It all started when Rana Al-Hendi (Saudi Interior Architecht)     decided to work her own handmade beading and wiring designs, after her success she was asked to do some silver jewellry designs in 2009 and it all began in King Mohammed street in Al-Khobar... She decided to learn everything about jewellry making and spent her days in a workshops and online learning the tricks of the jewellery making

It was culturally and socially unacceptable for a fine arts graduate who can held a respectable job in big companies such as Aramco to work with her hands to creat simple jewels. Though she was deemed crazy by colleagues and friends, her goal was crystal clear for she had found her niche in life.

By 2011, she had set up her own workshop and employed a team of only two workers.

Always searching for new sources of inspiration and innovation that would shape her creations, Rana began exploring the artistic, intellectual and cultural history of Islamic, Feronic and Victorian designs.

In the next few years.Rana Al-Hendi continues to take her passion to new heights. She continues to do her favourite thing - designing jewellery, and enriching the field of Name Jewelry Designs and even she was able to creat a bigger Team consist of 10 person now.



The Team was Formed Gradually in 2011 to be Rana as a designer and 2 goldsmith workers then Sara Mubarak joined later in 2012 as a Marketing Specialist. After that Mohamed Babidan followed in 2013 as a Customer Services Specialist, then 2 more goldsmith and a driver was added to the Team and finally Ahlam Al-Herz as an Artist Assistance in 2014.

The Team is so Loyal to keep the dream that started with one person going on and made it even a bigger Dream to each one of them.